Photos of Lake Winnipeg Water Walk

Booshoo, It has been very challenging for…

It has been very challenging for me to write at the end of each day so i am thankful that others have done this on our behalf. I admit that at the end of the day all i want to do is soak my tired feet, eat some food then hit the hay..I optimistically thought that i would be able to write a blog each day.
today the weather was very hot and the roads were very busy. We were walking in beach country today, Gimli to Petersfield, Mb. I saw many cars filled to capacity with items to enjoy the long weekend camping, boating, sailing around Lake Winnipeg. As I watched these vehicles go flying down the road I wondered whether these people would stop and thank the lake for the enjoyment she would give them or are they taking her for granted?
Stop, look at her, talk to her and thank her, after all she has been kind and loving to you. Meegwetch