Day 27: Today we will surpass 1,000 km on…

Day 27: Today we will surpass 1,000 km on our amazing journey! We have all been thinking a lot about all of the families, parents, grandparents and children we have met along the way who so generously shared their stories of Lake Winnipeg.

We also are overwhelmed by all the donations that continue to come through our website and this morning a special donation arrived that we want to share the story of.

On July 30, a family drove out from Winnipeg to meet us in Riverton. Eveline Buehlman Poponne, along with Amari, Adriane and Dene delivered a delicious pizza lunch to the walkers and was able to spend some time visiting with us. We learned about our special connections through the water and how important it is to all of us. Katherine was especially touched by their visit and loved getting to know this beautiful family.

This past weekend, the children set up an ice tea stand and collected donations on behalf of the walk. Last night their dad Jason sent their hard-earned dollars to us through PayPal and we can’t even begin to express our thanks.

Miigwetch to Amari, Adriane and Dene for your amazing work and the lessons you continue to teach all of us about love. You have filled our hearts today and we will be thinking of you for a long time to come.

The Lake Winnipeg Water Walkers