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How to join the Lake Winnipeg Water Walk (from this blog post)

a) Check the route schedule

b) Check the blog for our most current location (will be posting updates as we walk)

c) Send an email to dene@lakewinnipegwaterwalk.ca so you can be logged on the walker’s sign-up sheet ASAP. This will help us identify areas in the walk where we will need more help.


General Instructions and expectations for all walkers

a) Come with an open mind, open heart. Animkiquay is leading this walk and will share Anishinabe water teachings, ceremonies and songs passed to members of the Mideahnikwe Society of the Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge by the keepers of the water bundle – Edward Benton-Banaise and his family. You may participate in all ceremonies but you cannot record anything or claim anything for your use after the walk.

b) We welcome all celebrations of humanity, nature and love to be shared along the route.

c) All walkers must conduct themselves in a respectful manner and follow the instructions and protocols set by the lead organizers and walker.

d) Only the lead walker will respond to media inquiries

e) Bring your tobacco to use throughout the walk

f) All walkers must abstain from alcohol and drugs because this is an alcohol and drug-free event. Anyone not following this expectation will be asked to leave the walk.

g) Each walker is responsible for his or her own well-being. You must bring your own food, water, accommodation and transportation.


Special Instructions for Women walkers

a) Women have a very unique relationship with the water. In the teachings of the Three Fires Mide Lodge, women are acknowledged as the life-givers and water carriers for the people and are the keepers of the water. We have been given the responsibility to take care and protect the waters and the Earth.

b) Our teachings state that women on their Moon time (menstruating) are experiencing a beautiful cleansing ceremony and it is said that it is their time to rest and connect with her Grandmother (the moon) therefore she does not carry the vessel of water during this time.

c) All women and girls are asked to dress in a respectful way (i.e. no tube tops) and long skirts must be worn while they are walking.

Special Instructions for Men walkers

a) It is very important to have the participation of men in the walk. In the teachings of the Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge the men are identified as the keeper of the Fire and his role is one of protector. It is his role to carry the Eagle staff that will accompany the walkers on this journey.

b) The male walkers are asked to dress in a respectful way and ask that shorts not be worn.


On Children

a) No person under the age of 18 years will be allowed to walk unless accompanied by their parent(s).


If you are unsure about something please contact me at Katherine@lakewinnipegwaterwalk.ca. This is a sacred endeavor and we will be beckoning the spirit(s) of the water to help heal Lake Winnipeg.


Ingah izitchigay nibi ohnjay – Meegwetch.

Katherine Sinclair

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