Activities in Sagkeeng

Contact Community Coordinator Darlene Starr Courchene for more information at


Scheduled arrival to Sagkeeng is Sunday, August 3rd. Please check the route tracker for updated information.

  1. Blanket dance on Saturday, August 2nd in the evening.  All funds raised will be presented to Katherine for the Lake Winnipeg Water Walk expenses
  2. Invitation sent for Katherine to be the keynote speaker at our Grand Entry on Sunday, August 3rd – 2 pm, here at the Sagkeeng Powwow Grounds.
  3. Walkers from Sagkeeng will join in the Water Walk at various points from Victoria Beach to Pine Falls.  Number of walkers are not confirmed at this time
  4. When the walkers reach Sagkeeng Arena, we hope to have a water ceremony as well as a feast.
  5. We will also have water, showers, available for the walkers.